Essential Oils

This section contains profiles of the aromatherapy grade essential oils that we use in our Natroma products.

Essential Oils and Home Fragrancing

Whenever people visit the Natroma aromatherapy shop, they invariably comment on the beautiful smell as soon as they walk in.

Our shop's beautiful spa like aroma is partly due to us constantly making lovely aromatherapy products, but we also diffuse essential oils in the shop when we're not manufacturing.  Aromatherapy is wonderful for creating a soothing environment, so it's nice to know that our shop often provides a little moment of calm in an otherwise busy day.   Many customers say they'd like to bottle the Natroma shop smell and take it home with them!  Well you can, when you use some of our home fragrancing blends, but we also encourage customers to buy some essential oils to they can create their own.

So what's the best way to blend essential oils for natural home fragrancing?

This is the first in a series of articles which we hope will give customers ideas on how to naturally fragrancing their homes, with tips on selecting, blending and using essential oils. 

We love grapefruit for it's bright, zingy aroma. It's a lovely choice for home fragrancing but has quite a few aromatherapy uses too. It has a reputation for being an uplifting essential oil, which is why it's often recommended for SAD syndrome. Read more about why we recommend using grapefruit essential oil in your home aromatherapy blends.

Geranium essential oil is one of our top aromatherapy oils with a reputation for being calming and balancing - emotionally, hormonally and in natural skincare. Geranium has a gorgeous sweet, floral aroma that makes it great for home fragrancing but learn more about its wonderful aromatherapy uses too.