Botanical Carrier Oils

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These botanical oils are perfect to use as carrier oils for aromatherapy body massage.  Always dilute essential oils in a carrier/base oil before applying to the skin.  Our botanical carrier oils are particularly good to use when the skin is feeling dry and in need of moisturising.  Application of a botanical carrier oil, will tend to improve skin texture more effectively than a lotion (which is mainly water), and the oil should sink in quickly to provide lasting hydration.  We have chosen some of the more common oils, some are certified organic oils and others are more affordable standard cosmetic grade oils but all are Leaping Bunny approved.  These are usually supplied in a 100ml blue PET plastic bottle (fully recyclable and reusable) with a handy flip top lid which has a narrow pourer to prevent spills.  However we are awaiting new stocks so will be sending out orders in a 100ml HDPE  (fully recyclable and re-useable) clear/white bottle with a screw cap for the time being.  

If you would rather receive these in a glass bottle please tick the box before placing the item in your basket.  Glass bottles cost an extra 50p and have a screw cap, without pourer.  We know customers dislike receiving items with plastic packaging, but please note that we have to wrap glass bottles in bubble wrap to ensure they arrive safely in your parcel.  We do not purchase bubble wrap ourselves, so you will be receiving recycled packaging that we have received from our suppliers.

Organic Jojoba oil - simmondsia chinensis

Jojoba oil is an oil with a long history of use as a topical skin remedy.  It is native to North America, often growing in desert regions, and organic cold pressed jojoba has a slightly nutty aroma.  Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax, so don't be surprised if it solidifies during cold weather.  It's chemical make-up is very similar to the skin's natural sebum, making it suitable for use on all skin types as a natural skin moisturiser helping to prevent dry skin or flakiness.  It's often used by people with oily skin types, since it appears to help regularise the production of sebum and can be helpful with acne.  It is also beneficial for use on the hair, and scalp massage.  This is a heavier oil, so can be used on it's own or blended with other lighter carrier oils.

Organic Calendula oil - calendula officinalis

Calendula is said to be a macerated oil, which means that a botanical oil to infused with calendula flowers before being filtered.  This means that the oil takes on the properties of the calendula, making it soothing and suitable for use on sensitive skin.  Ours is an organic calendula oil, with the base oil being organic sunflower oil.  Organic calendula is a lovely choice to use on baby skin, eczema and for anyone with skin sensitivities.  Organic calendula oil is a lovely yellow colour, but it won't stain the skin.  It's a fantastic moisturising oil for soothing irritation and restoring a smooth skin texture.  It's one of our favourite carrier oils for aromatherapy body massage. 

Organic Avocado Oil

Organic avocado oil is a nice choice of carrier oil for all skin types.  It has a deeply penetrating quality that means that it sinks into the skin and is a useful oil to use when the skin is feeling dry.  We tend to use this as an enrichment oil (since it does feel heavier than some oils) during aromatherapy body massage, with a small amount mixed with a lighter oil such as organic calendula oil.  This is a certified organic oil, that has been cold pressed and refined (it's clear since we found that several customers did not like our previous oil which was less refined and had a strong green colour).   

Sweet Almond Oil - prunus amygalus dulcis

Sweet Almond oil is a wonderful oil for body massage, since it's slightly heavier texture allows for lots of glide across the skin but it absorbs easily to increase skin hydration and softness.  It's no surprise that it's often the first carrier oil that massage therapists choose, since it's such a good all rounder being suitable for use on eczema, psoriasis, and sensitive skin.  It  has a long history of use in beauty products where it was highly valued for it's skin softening properties (Marie Antoinette famously mixed sweet almond oil with rosewater and wax to soften her hands).  It is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins and resists oxidation - which means it lasts for longer than many other carrier oils.  Since sweet almond oil is produced from nuts, it is not recommended for use by nut allergy sufferers.

Apricot Kernel - prunus armeniaca

Apricot kernel is a lovely oil that is a little lighter than sweet almond oil, but shares many of it's moisturising properties.  It's finer texture makes it well suited to gentle facial massage blends, but it also works well as a body massage oil.  It is suitable for normal, dry, sensitive and eczema skin types, promoting supple, moisturised skin without excess oiliness.  We tend to recommend apricot kernel oil as a cost effective alternative to sweet almond oil where the user has a nut allergy.


Additional Details

Carrier (sometimes known as base) oils are most traditionally used in body massage.  A full body massage tends to use 15-20ml of carrier, depending on the size of the person and the condition of their skin.  To use for aromatherapy measure off the required amount of oils into a small container, and then add the essential oils (counted in by drop).  This ensures that the essential oils are diluted correctly, before they are applied to the skin. 

Botanical oils are lovely to use on younger skin.  We recommend our organic calendula oil as an alternative to commercial baby oil - which tends to contain mainly mineral oil and synthetic fragrances.  Instead, very young skin responds very well to an unscented calendula oil and is particularly good to relieve sore, chafed skin.  Whereas a mineral oil will mainly sit on the surface of the skin, organic carrier oil will sink in to provide gentle moisturising qualities.

Carrier oils can also be used to disperse aromatherapy grade essential oils in bath water.  Only a small amount of carrier oil is needed (perhaps one or two teaspoons) but then take great care when getting into and out of the bath since the oil will make the bath surface slippery.  Rinse thoroughly after use.

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