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We sell these organic speciality carrier oils in our Stourbridge shop, in smaller blue glass 10ml pipette bottle sizes.  We have found that many customers with certain skin conditions benefit from a very simple approach to their skincare, and quite often using the correct oil in small amounts as a moisturising facial serum has been very helpful. 

We can't make any specific claims about any of these organic botanical oils, but have included a little information about each one and would encourage customers to research each oil's properties.  For best results, use the pipette to dispense between 1-3 drops onto the palm of the hand, warm the oil by rubbing the palms together and then apply the oil to the skin using soft patting/massage strokes.  The idea is to only apply sufficient oil that's needed (you'd need more on very dry skin, and less on a combination/oily complexion), so the skin absorbs the oil within a few minutes.  You should find that these organic oils add extra moisture to the skin, making dry skin feel more comfortable. The oils can also be applied to different areas of the body, and you'll find that the pipette helps to dispense the correct amount.

These organic botanical oils are also perfect if you wish to enjoy a little facial massage, and we'd recommend that you do this each week combined with one of our Natroma Clay Mask treatments. You can also try adding a drop of your chosen oil to our Natroma moisturiser each day, (we especially designed the formulation so it could be enriched) to make the daily application slightly richer than usual.  This is particularly good when the skin is very dry and is feeling tight or uncomfortable (perhaps after spending too much time in the sun, or when the weather is very cold).

These are certified organic oils (apart from the Red Raspberry Seed) and Leaping Bunny cruelty-free approved supplied in 10ml blue glass dropper bottles.  We know that customers dislike the use of plastic, but each bottle is sealed in a small plastic bag to comply with postal requirements preventing spills in transit. Each bottle will contain approximately 200 drops of oil, choose from:

Organic Argan Oil - argania spinosa

Argan is another favourite oil of ours since it's full of vitamins (particularly vitamin E), essential fatty acids, minerals and anti-oxidants. It's become well known in recent years as an important anti-aging and moisturising cosmetic ingredient, due to it's ability to maintain skin hydration and elasticity.  Argan oil is often used to support difficult skin conditions and we've seen good results on rosacea, acne and drier sun-damaged skin types since the oil softens and brightens the complexion.  It's also traditionally used in hair and nail products making it a wonderful multi-purpose oil which like rosehip oil, feels non-greasy and pleasant when applied to the skin.  Our Argan is a pale coloured/golden cold pressed, certified organic oil (it has been deodorised, since argan can have a strong aroma) and is produced by a women's cooperative in Morocco.  

Organic Jojoba oil - simmondsia chinensis

Our Jojoba oil is a cold pressed, certified organic golden Jojoba.  In cold weather it will become a solid, so if this happens, simply place the bottle somewhere a little warmer.  Jojoba oil is another oil with a long history of use as a topical skin remedy.  It is native to North America, often growing in desert regions, and has a slightly nutty aroma.  Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax, so don't be surprised if it solidifies during cold weather.  It's chemical make-up is very similar to the skin's natural sebum, making it suitable for use on all skin types as a natural moisturiser helping to prevent dry skin or flakiness.  It's often used by people with oily skin types, since it appears to help regularise the production of sebum and can be helpful with acne.  It's often used in hair products (so why not try a little scalp massage or on dry hair ends), and as a nail soak, to soften and condition the nail surface and cuticles.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil - rubus idaeus

Our Red Raspberry Seed is a lovely natural cold pressed oil (note: this is not an organic oil, since it would make it very expensive) with good moisturising qualities, and has a quite strong organic nutty slightly sweet aroma.  It is an orange colour, but it won't stain the skin.  It is a gentle moisturising oil that is being increasingly used in natural skincare products, after research showed it offered a slight natural sun protection and has anti-aging properties.  We love the way this oil is packed with essential fatty acids, so it can help in preventing skin dehydration and the formation of fine lines.  It's easy to apply and really softens the skin, making it feel more supple after each application.  Red Raspberry Seed oil has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties making it suitable for all skin types, and being helpful with sensitive skin eczema, acne etc.

Organic Rosehip oil - rosa canina

Rosehip is full of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, vitamin C and retinoic acid (a form of vitamin A).  We love organic rosehip oil because it's a dry oil, so it doesn't feel like you've applied an oil-slick to your face! It's a fantastic moisturising oil for smoothing the skin and restoring texture, and research has shown it to be benefical for reducing the appearance of fine lines, scars and burns.  We recommend it to lots of customers, who find it beneficial in restoring moisture and skin elasticity to dry skin-types, calming down over-active acne skin-types and supporting sun damaged and scarred skin.  Just lately there's been loads of articles about the benefits of using rosehip after some well-known celebs admitted to it being part of their skin-care regime.  It's been an important ingredient in our products for years too, so would definitely encourage everyone to have their own little bottle of rosehip oil too!   This is a certified organic cold-pressed oil with a rich red/orange colour (don't worry it won't stain the skin!)

Organic Tamanu oil - calophyllum inophyllum 

Tamanu is a tropical oil, produced from native trees in south-east Asia and Polynesia.  It has a fairly strong aroma (similar to celery) and has been traditionally used by Pacific islanders for centuries as a topical skin remedy, to promote smooth and healthy skin e.g. it has been applied to minor scrapes, burns, bites, stings, dry skin, to prevent nappy rash and is reputed to have anti-bacterial properties.  Research has shown that tamanu does encourage skin healing and the formation of new tissue (cicatrization), leading to it's use on scars and skin with blemishes, however there is insufficient documented evidence to confirm medicinal benefits.  Nevertheless, we have seen good results for customers where a few drops of tamanu has been applied on a regular basis to troubled skin conditions such as acne, dry skin, scars and minor rashes.  Caution is advised for anyone with nut allergies.  Our certified organic Tamanu oil is a dark olive green oil (in the photo it looks brown because we had to lighten the image for the website) which can become lumpy when it becomes cold.  Simply place somewhere a little warmer, if you find it becomes a little thick on the pipette.

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4 Reviews:

Rosehip oil
14 March 2022  | 

Super little bottle with a dropper pipette means you can easily use just what you need.
I've been using a drop on a small patch of eczema on my hand and wrist. There's no irritation when applying, it massages in easily and gives instant relief.
I try and use it every time I've had my hands in water, then apply the Natroma hand cream over the whole of my hands.
I've also added a drop to the Natroma facial moisturiser to enrich it a little, to use in the mornings after my daily swim. The chlorine makes my skin very tight, dry and itchy. This oil gives me instant relief. Only using a drop at a time means it's going to last ages, great value for money. This a firm favourite of mine and i will definitely be buying it again.

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Thanks for the lovely review!

Great results after just a few applications
30 November 2020  | 

I decided to try Tananu oil as the product information said it could help skin conditions. I have had a rash around the corner of my mouth for some time so I decided to give it a go. After just a few applications, the rash has improved. I find the strong smell a little unpleasant but worth putting up with for the great results.

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Tamanu Oil
06 October 2018  | 

It has improved my post operative scar - it has almost faded and left it smooth.

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Customer Feedback from our old Natroma website
17 March 2015  | 

To sum up the products from Natroma in one word, I would have to say they’re amazing!!! I no longer buy any chemically processed products. Natroma products actually help your skin to heal rather than strip it of its natural oils. I’m 19 years old and since my early teens I have suffer from acne. After trying every possible cosmetic cream out there and having tried several prescribed treatments from my doctor I was getting really frustrated that nothing seemed to help. Finally I discovered Natroma beauty products & found a regime that actually worked for me. I was one of the first people to trial Tamanu oil for Sarah and since; I have never stopped using it, my spots cleared completely. I also use Rosehip oil as I had quite a bit of acne scarring which has now cleared. These products are a must for anyone who has a skin complaint that commercial product won’t clear!!!

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