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Essential Oils Q-Z

Essential Oils Q-Z

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Natroma advise customers to research each essential oil, before attempting to use on the skin (diluted in a suitable carrier).  The following is for guidance only, and makes no medical recommendations:

* Important please read contra-indication advice before ordering these essential oils.

Ravensara ravensara aromatic

Ravensara has a clean aroma that's slightly medicinal.  It's an antiseptic antibacterial essential oil that tends to be used to support colds and flu symptoms, as a milder smelling alternative to eucalyptus.

Rosemary rosmarinus officinalis *

Rosemary has a strong stimulating aroma.  It's often vapourised to aid study and concentration.  In aromatherapy massage it's used on tired and aching muscles. Should be avoided by sufferers of high blood pressure, epilepsy and during pregnancy.

Rosewood aniba rosaeodora

Rosewood is a lovely gentle essential oil with a light rosy aroma.  It is said to be anti-depressant and uplifting, supporting during times of stress.  It's lovely to use in skin-care blends.

Sandalwood West Indian amyris balsamifera

Not to be confused with true Sandalwood (santalum album), this is nevertheless a lovely smelling oil, that closely mimics the rich woody notes of the far more expensive oil.  It is said to be calming and sedative, offering support during times of stress.  This oil is very thick, so the dropper attachment may need to be removed from the bottle to decant your drops, but it's a much more affordable way to enjoy a rich woody aroma in an aromatherapy blend. 

Spearmint mentha spicata

This is a lighter. sweeter alternative to peppermint that's milder in action.  Useful to use in digestive massage blends, and where a bright uplifting aroma is needed.

Tea Tree melaleuca alternifolia

Strongly antibacterial, tea tree can also be applied neat on the skin in emergencies (although it can cause allergies for some people).  It has traditionally been used to treat spots, minor skin abrasions, athletes foot, verrucas and warts.  Is useful to have around the home, since a few drops will help to disinfect kitchen cloths and work surfaces.

Thyme red thymus vulgaris*

With a strongly antibacterial action, we'd recommend this oil isn't used on elderly adults or young children.  It tends to be used to stimulate the immune system perhaps when a person is feeling a little run down or has a cold, infection or muscular aches.  Only use in low dilutions since it can cause skin irritation. Take care during pregnancy and avoid if suffering from high blood pressure or epilepsy.

Vetiver vetiveria zizanoides

A very strong smelling dark essential oil, that has deep penetrating earthy smell - you either love it or hate it!  Is used for depression and stress, in oily skincare and to easy muscular aches.  We suggest using only a tiny amount in each blend otherwise it will overwhelm the other aromas.

Ylang Ylang extra cananga odorata

Has an intensely sweet aroma, often described as being euphoric and aphrodisiac.  Useful in supporting times of stress, and has been found to be of benefit to sufferers of high blood pressure.  Useful in skincare, helping to balance oil production. 



Our aromatherapy grade essential oils are supplied in generous 10ml sized amber glass bottles to extend their shelf life, fitted with a dropper attachment. Our prices reflect the varying costs associated with producing different types of essential oil and are subject to change.

Our oils are suitable for creating home massage blends (they must be diluted in a suitable carrier oil), in the bath (again diluted in a carrier oil before adding to the water) or for vaporisation in an oil burner or for adding to our fragrant decorations.

Each bottle is supplied with a leaflet which gives important safety information including recommended dilutions and contra-indications for each oil.

We do not recommend that essential oils are applied neat to the skin (except for a couple of oils in emergency situations), and bottles should be stored cool, dark and away from children or animals.

Take extra care when selecting and using essential oils during pregnancy, and where there are pre-existing health conditions.

Please note that citrus essential oils oxidise quickly, so have a shorter shelf life than other essential oils. Older citrus oils will still be fine to use in oil burners, but caution should be exercised with skin application.

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