Natroma Holistics in Stourbridge

We have just refurbished our Natroma Holistics Treatment Room, at the Ruskin Glass Centre near Stourbridge, West Midlands.

Natroma Holistics Aromatherapy & Sports Massage Stourbridge UK

We have a new electric therapy couch which can be raised from a height of just 19 inches!  This means that we can lower the couch down to help clients get onto the couch easily, and then raise it up to our massage working heights.  This also really helps when we have clients who may struggle with mobility, or perhaps when they're recovering from an operation or sports injury.  The head section of the couch raises, which helps when we're giving facial treatments.  Clients can choose to lie with their head on a cushion, or use the soft padded head cradle with its breathing hole.  We raise the head section of the couch at the end of treatments so that clients can recline in comfort while they're enjoying a drink after their treatment.   The lower section also raises so we can adjust the couch to make the knees comfortable when clients are lying on their back, or receiving a foot reflex treatment.  This new couch has cushioning that's 4 inches thick - so it's very comfortable!  So once you're draped in luxurious fluffy towels, it definitely feels like a luxurious experience.

At Natroma, we do not believe in offering 'production line' massages.  For this reason, we only offer a limited number of appointments each day.  This means that we can spend time with our clients, rather than rushing them out of the room because the next person has arrived.  When we quote a time for our treatments, this is couch time - not the time spent on consultations, getting changed or having a post massage drink.  If you book an hour, you will receive an hours massage.  Afterwards we'll raise the back of the couch a little, make you a drink (we offer water and a wide selection of teas), and encourage you to relax for a few minutes before you leave us.  

Natroma Holistics massages are carried out by experienced fully qualified therapists.  Sarah is the Clinical Aromatherapist and member of IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherpists) and offers aromatherapy massages, aromatherapy facials and foot reflex treatments.  Paul is the Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist (Federation of Holistic Therapists Sports Member) and offers Swedish massage and Sports Massage treatments.. 

We're responding to client requests for later treatments, to fit in with family and work commitments.  So even though our shop appears to close at 4pm most days....we're still working!  This means that clients have the option to book later appointments (we try to start by 5pm each day).  In the near future we'll also be extending our opening hours on Thursdays until 7pm. (We'll announce when this happens on our Facebook page, and will also update the opening hours on this website).  To access our Stourbridge Natroma shop and treatment room after the Ruskin Glass Centre is closed, simply walk up the slope to the right of the main entrance steps, and we have a separate Natroma entrance door just around the corner.  We are currently booking approximately 2 weeks in advance, but do occasionally have appointments available at shorter notice. 

We hope that our holistic therapy clients will love our refurbished Natroma treatment room, and will agree with us that the new couch was worth the investment!