Return of an old favourite!

Lips Silk organic beeswax cocoa shea butter lip balm by NatromaWe're delighted to announce the return of an old favourite - our original Lips Silk lip balm is back!

But 'hold on' we hear you say....hasn't this lip balm been around since you started?!  Well, yes...and no... 

Original customers of The Natural Soapworks (from as far back as 2006) will remember our original lip balm.  It was originally a much firmer lip balm because it was made with beeswax.  It was a lovely product, containing organic cocoa and shea butters and quickly became a favourite.  But the problem was that it couldn't be used by vegan customers. 

So in around 2008 we switched all of our formulations from beeswax to jojoba wax.  But unfortunately our good intentions have caused us a few problems, since we had to reformulate the balm due to the change in the wax.  Jojoba wax can be a little temperamental, and when combined with shea butter can sometimes make balms feel a little gritty or heavy when they aren't stored in perfect conditions.  So after listening to customer feedback and receiving yet another troublesome batch of jojoba wax last year, we decided to begin experimenting with beeswax again.

We're now using a lovely golden (unbleached) natural, organic beeswax and have been delighted with the results!  Lips Silk has returned to it's older formulation, and glides onto the lips to leave a glossy finish that slowly sinks in to provide lasting moisture and a soft silky feel.  It's a harder formulation again but this lip balm melts on contact with the lips since it contains organic cocoa and shea butters, with unrefined avocado oil and vitamin E.  This makes Lips Silk a great lip balm to use when the lips are feeling sore or chapped, providing much needed conditioning and moisturising qualities, to soothe away irritation and soreness.   Lips Silk can be used on it's own as a natural lip gloss since it plumps up the lips, and many customers use it as a conditioning treatment prior to applying lipstick.

So after much deliberation, the beeswax version is back!  This will now be the main variety of Lips Silk available in our Stourbridge shop.  Customers will be able to spot it's the new (old!) version since the label is white to match the lip balm tube.

....but what about our vegan customers?!  Never fear, we will continue to manufacture the jojoba wax version of Lips Silk as required.  For website customers this will mean that each tube will be manufactured to order, so website orders that include the vegan version of Lips Silk will take an extra day or so to arrive.  Customers who usually make their purchases in our Ruskin Glass Centre Stourbridge shop, can also pre-order vegan Lips Silks for collection a few days later.  This version of Lips Silk will identified by it's pink label.

Visit our Lips Silk page for more information!