Natroma Christmas Gift Hampers are selling fast!

2016 Christmas Natural Skincare and Soap Gift Ideas

We're very busy at this time of year, making lots of fragrant goodies so they can be packaged into our gift hampers in time for Christmas.  This year we will be attending a number of Christmas events, so we hope it will allow customers who can't come into the workshop the chance to see and select the right hampers for their friends and family.

Some of our natural soap hampers are short-run special editions - this means we can only maybe only make limited numbers before we run out of their contents (e.g. the hand decorated soaps that appear in the Festive Soap Slice Hamper).  These soaps were made during the summer months, so once they're used up we'll have to start taking hampers off the website! 

So if you've set your heart on a particular hamper we'd encourage you to place your order soon, while stocks last!  We're not just saying that to drive up sales, we're just being realistic about how many hampers we can wrap before Christmas!  So far, these soaps and hampers are proving to be the most popular: 

Top Selling Christmas Gift Hampers for 2016

Natroma Christams Soap and Bathing HamperNatroma Festive Goats Milk Soap Slice HamperOrganic Christmas Goats Milk Soaps by NatromaNatroma Festive Mini Soap Gift Hamper