Sensitive skin? You should try using natural goats milk soap

Why handmade goats milk soap helps sensitive and eczema skin types

We think our handmade natural goats milk soap is really special, and we'd encourage anyone with sensitive skin or eczema to give it a try.

Handmade Natural Goats Milk Soaps perfect for sensitive skinAs many customers will know, our story began because of eczema.  As we explain to visitors to our Stourbridge shop, it all started with a trip to Canada where we stumbled upon a small shop selling handmade natural soaps. We bought a couple of bars because they looked pretty, but what we didn't realise at the time was the soap would be good for our skin!  During our holiday we used the soap and noticed that after a few days there was noticeably less irritation and itching.  We didn't put two and two together at first, but gradually realised that it was the removal of our usual bottle of body wash that was making the difference to our eczema and skin sensitivity.  Needless to say, we came back to the UK with quite a few bars of soap in the suitcase, and over the months we used up our supply!  But we then had a problem, since we couldn't find anything in the UK that was as good as our holiday soap - so in the end, we had to make our own.

Our completely natural soap formulation took years to perfect.  We wanted a hard, long-lasting handmade bar with a rich, creamy lather which was highly moisturizing and skin-kind too. We’d be the first to admit that we’re perfectionists when it comes to our products, and so after years of research and experimenting with various natural ingredients we had that eureka moment!  Our handmade soap was just right, and at last we had something that could be used everyday as a natural alternative to the chemical laden body washes.... The Natural Soapworks was born!

Our natural handmade goats milk soap contains a blend of many botanical oils and butters, and these have been carefully balanced to produce the rich moisturising and foaming qualities we were looking for. We use a cold-process saponification manufacturing process and love the honest natural look of our soaps which are made in traditional handmade wooden moulds.  We insist on only natural, ethical, cruelty-free ingredients so you'll never find a synthetic fragrance oil, colour, tallow or preservatives in any of our soaps.  Each new natural soap batch is hand cut into bars, before being matured for at least 8 weeks so it hardens and becomes mild before it is presented for sale.

Goats milk soap is more difficult to make than a typical handmade bar, since the milk affects the cold process saponification process. We use real goats milk from a local organic farm to make our handmade soaps since it contains proteins, amino acids and Vitamin A to nourish and soften the skin. You may read some articles on the internet that  make claims about natural goats milk soap having the same pH as the skin. We’d disagree with the accuracy of such claims since handmade cold process soap is naturally alkaline (the pH is nearer 9 or 10), so the only way to make a slightly acidic soap (the skin's pH is around 5) would be to add lots of it wouldn't be a particularly natural skincare product! 

Nevertheless, the goats milk within our formulation really makes a difference, giving our soaps a superior lather with extra moisturizing benefits that really seem to suit eczema and sensitive skin types.  So why not give it a try?  We always try to have a few bargain soaps available, so that customers with itchy, sensitive skin can test it for themselves and hopefully switch from the chemicals in the body wash approach to a much more natural way of cleansing the skin.