Tips on using our Natroma Q10 Moisturiser and Oil Serum

Tips on using our Natroma Q10 Oil Serums and Q10 Moisturisers

We're receiving lots of positive feedback from customers who are using our Q10 Oil serum and Q10 Moisturisers:

Natroma Q10 Moisturiser natural aromatherapy skin care"Best Moisturiser I've ever used.  So kind to my mature, sensitive skin",

"It's light and silky going onto my face and feels moisturising and cool while doing wonders for my skin",

"Transformed my skin, use such a tiny, tiny amount,  makes such a difference!  Lasts forever!"

So should you be thinking about switching to a Q10 moisturising product?

We'd recommend that you think about switching to the Natroma Q10 range once you're in your 30's and 40's.  The reason for this suggestion is that our Q10 Moisturisers contain more potent ingredients which are designed to retain more moisture in the skin which helps to prevent the development of fine lines.  Customers should note that we do not market our Q10 products as 'anti-aging' and we'll never claim that you'll look like a teenager again!  Yes, they do contain several great ingredients that are reputed to improve skin elasticity and texture, but the bottom line is that it takes more than a skin cream to try to stave off wrinkles!   Good diet, drinking the right amounts of fluids, and lifestyle (e.g. taking exercise, not smoking and getting a good night's sleep etc) all contribute to maintaining good-looking skin (despite the claims that are made for some cosmetic products).

So instead of trying to develop a 'facelift in a bottle' type product, we have focussed on creating user-friendly facial products that help the skin as it ages and supplement the skin's natural oils whilst trying to prevent moisture loss.  Our Concentrated Moisturisers contain glycerine within their formulation to help with skin hydration - it's a nice ingredient that's been used for a very long time in cosmetic products, and works by attracting moisture to itself.  Our Q10 Moisturisers are more potent since instead of glycerine, they contain hyaluronic acid.  It's the ingredient that's getting lots of press at the moment, and we often describe it as being like swell gel (the little granules gardeners use in their hanging baskets to hold onto the water) for your skin!  Hyaluronic acid helps to maintain better skin hydration,  so our Q10 moisturisers feel more intensive than the standard ones.  (Until I turned forty, I didn't understand what people meant when they said their skin felt tight.  But once I had felt that uncomfortable dry, tight feeling I knew my skin needed more help and that I needed to formulate a more intensive moisturiser.  This is why the Q10 version of the Natroma moisturiser was created - to include a more potent ingredients to better support older skin).

So how should you use the Q10 moisturiser and oil serums?

Sparingly!  in our shop, we always advise people to try using less product than usual.  Commercially produced products are often less concentrated so you need to use more to get the same results.  We always advise to use about the size of a pea, and to squeeze the pump gently so you don't dispense too much.  The 50ml pump should last for 3-4 months (although some customers are saying it lasts for much longer).  With the oil serum try using between 1-3 drops of oil dispensed from the pipette.  If you need a little more that's fine dispense another drop, but if your skin feels oily after use then you've definitely used to much.   Less is more with Natroma products!

Natroma Q10 Oil Serum handmade aromatherapy cosmeticsTry experimenting with the Natroma Oil Serum.  Use a couple of drops at night, warmed on the fingers and then massaged onto the face as a gentle alternative to a night cream.  It will sink in quickly and when you wake up in the morning you should find your skin feels soft and hydrated. 

Try using it the Natroma Oil Serum before you apply your moisturiser.  This layering technique is great for adding extra protection if you're going out for a walk on a cold day, or if the skin is feeling a little tight.  Or why not try mixing a drop of the Natroma Oil serum with your Q10 Moisturiser - to supercharge it!  This makes the moisturiser feel much heavier (so make sure you don't add too much) and again is good for days when you need extra protection.

Try using several drops of the Q10 Oil Serum to gently massage your face in light circular movements.  It's like having an expensive aromatherapy facial in the comfort of your home!  Concentrate on any areas where the skin is feeling dry or tight and you'll see the benefits the next day.  

We hope this information helps and remember to keep posting feedback on your experience of using the Natroma Q10 product range!