Natroma Club discounts

A few customers have said how pleased they are that we've introduced our new Natroma Club loyalty points scheme.  They have asked about how the points work, so we thought it might be useful to explain everything in a little more detail.

Every time that you log into your Natroma account, and place an order you'll receive Natroma Club points.  You'll automatically become a Natroma Club member as soon as you open a Natroma account, but if you decide to checkout as a Guest then points will not be awarded.  We award 1 point for every complete £1 that's spent on products.  Each point has a redemption value of 5p (against future product purchases, there's no cash value), so it's like receiving an ongoing 5% discount without the hassle of having to use discount codes etc.  The idea is that you can save up your points (they expire after 12 months) or spend them on your next purchase.  But how does this work in practice?  Here's an example for our Handmade Goats Milk Soaps:

We've just introduced a discount scheme for our Handmade Goats Milk Soaps, so when you buy 6 or more bars of soap, you'll receive an automatic 5% discount.  So here's how the Natroma Club points would be calculated:

These soaps usually cost £3.95 each, but once there are 6 soaps in the basket our website checkout will show the 5% discount reducing each soap to £3.75.  The order value = £22.50 + £3.00 postage

The checkout will show that you have Loyalty Points valued as £1.10.  This is based on 22 points being awarded for your order (points are only awarded on product value, not postage costs), with each point having a redemption value of of 5p.  The Natroma Club points will show on your account as soon as you have paid for your order. 

So when you place your next order at the checkout you'll be given the option to cash in the points if you wish.  You simply click the check box before you pay, and the reduction shows immediately before you are transferred to Paypal to complete your purchase.  Best of all, you will have received some new points on the items in your second order (based on the amount you spent before the existing 22 Natroma Club points were redeemed).

Natroma Club is our way of saying a little thank you for your loyalty.  We hope you enjoy the extra discounts you'll receive off all of your purchases!