Natroma is having a 2020 New Year Soap Sale!

2020 Soap Sale!

As we makNatroma Goat's Milk Soap Salee our goat's milk soaps, we trim off the ends of the blocks to ensure our main bars of soap have a regular shape and weight. These off-cuts are usually sold at a reduced price as soap mis-shapes.  Many new customers have found it's a great way to try using a natural soap, before they begin buying the packaged bars of soap. 

2019 was a very busy year for us, and we need to make lots of soap this spring.  So over Christmas we cleared our soap storage racks, to make room for this year's soap production.  We have bagged up all of our older goat's milk soaps, mis-shapes, end of batches, soap balls and discontinued soap slices and they will now be sold off in our New Year Soap Sale. 

We have a huge variety of older soaps to choose from and they are now available in our shop - while stocks last!  We have packaged many of the smaller soaps in bags - sorry about this, but we're using up some old bags and it is a practical way to show off the size, number and colour of soaps in each bag.  Prices range from £1 - £10 per bag.

Many of these soaps are older and this means they are fully cured, which makes them mild, and very hard and long lasting.  They have a rich creamy lather, but will have a reduced fragrance.  Some bars have lost their exterior fragrance, so we're selling these as unscented but they did originally have essential oils added when they were manufactured.  So you may find some of the fragrance returns as the outer layer of soap is washed away.  The mild fragrance makes them perfect for use by anyone who has sensitive skin.

This is our biggest ever Soap Sale and we're taking the opportunity to clear many older, hand decorated soaps too.  Every soap in the sale has a bigger discount than usual....basically because we need the space! 

Going forward we expect to have fewer mis-shaped soaps available, because we are using new soap moulds.  So we do not think this year's Soap Sale will be repeated again, so we hope you grab some bargain soaps while stock last!