Natroma Hot Cloth Cleansers

Natroma Rose Hot Cloth CleanserOur Natroma Facial Cleansers were released in 2008 and have quite a fan base, who enjoy the flexible way they can be used.  Our cleanser recipe was originally formulated by Sarah (our Founder) as a personal cleanser just for herself, and she wanted quite a rich facial cleanser that could be massaged over the face like a cold cream. 

Our cleansers contains organic castor oil, which is a lovely cleansing oil that removes excess sebum from the skin.  They also contain organic hydrolats (flower waters), botanical oils, aloe vera and soothing botanical extracts, and were developed to remove facial make up.  They are supplied in hygienic airless pump packaging and for best results we'd suggest cleansing each morning and evening.

The cleanser should be applied to the face and then gently massaged (this encourages the cream to mix with any sebum and dirt that's trapped on the skin surface), before being rinsed away with a warm, moist muslin cloth.  Massaging the face is a great way to stimulate the skin (it improves blood flow and encourages cell turnover) and the warm muslin cloth gently exfoliates away any dead skin cells. 

Gentle daily exfoliation encourages a brighter complexion (remember that the outer layer of skin cells are already dead), and means that moisturisers work more effectively.  As we often mention to customers there's no point in buying an expensive moisturiser, if it's being applied to poorly cleansed skin.  The cleansing stage of any skincare regime is very important since it prepares the outer layer of skin, so it can more successfully absorb any products that are applied later.  At Natroma, we think our hot-cloth method of cleansing is better for the skin rather than using cleansing wipes - which usually contain drying ingredients like alcohol and more preservatives.  Our Natroma cleanser has been specially formulated so it can be very versatile to suit different cleansing methods. 


  • If you like using heavier cleanser creams (or feel your skin is in need of a deeper cleanse) then use our cleanser straight from the tube and apply to dry skin.  Massage and then remove with a warm, damp muslin cloth. 
  • If you prefer to use cleansing milks then you can either wet the face first before applying the cleanser straight from the tube, or dispense a little cleanser onto the back of the hand and mix with a few drops of water.   This loosens the cream and makes it feel similar to a cleansing milk.
  • If your skin is very dirty, then 'double cleanse' - this is what happens during a facial treatment.  To do this, simply cleanse and rinse, the repeat.  The first cleanse is quicker since it removes the loose surface dirt.  Then spend a little more time massaging the skin on the second cleanse - it encourages the pores to open a little allowing a deeper cleanse. 
  • Make sure you keep massage strokes light (especially around the delicate eye area), and never scrub with the musin cloth since it could cause brief skin irritation.  Make cleansing a gentle process if you have acne, rosacea or sensitive skin.