Natroma Holistics is back!

We're delighted to let everyone know that we re-opened our Natroma Holistics Treatment Room today!

Natroma Aromatherapy Treatment Room Stourbridge UK

Things have had to change to comply with the Covid-19 regulations and for now we are just offering aromatherapy treatments.  These are:

  • 30 minute Back Massage - £25
  • 50 minute Aromaflex Foot Massage - £38
  • 50 minute Full Body Massage - £38
  • 50 minute Favourites – ½ hour back massage followed by 20 minute foot massage - £38

Sorry – we're not offering aromatherapy facials at the moment.

Before we can offer an appointment, we'll need clients to fill in a Covid-19 questionnaire, to make sure it's ok for them to receive a treatment.  We'll also send out some more information explaining about how treatment room and massage therapy has had to change, to comply with the UK Government's Covid-19 regulations.   There's a big focus on making sure the treatment room is a clean, safe environment with some limits on the length of treatments etc. 

So will it be different?  Yes.  My professional organisation IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists) has issued detailed guidance on how aromatherapy massages need to comply with the Covid-19 regulations. Everything has been risk assessed and if you look at the image, you'll see that the couch is now draped in hygienic lightweight materials (we use some disposable covers but also launder most coverings) and strip down the couch between clients allowing extra time for cleaning and airing the room etc).  I'll be wearing a face mask and visor whilst massaging, and the client will also need to wear a face covering.  But despite all of the changes, will you still enjoy a wonderfully relaxing aromatherapy treatment with your own personalised essential oil blend?  Definitely!  Some things may have changed, but the way you'll feel after your treatment hasn't.

Interested?  Please get in contact, and we'll answer any queries you may have and send you further details about our luxurious Natroma Aromatherapy treatments.

take care