May 2022 - Natroma Temporary Closure

Natroma will be closed 18 - 22 May 2022

We have tried to contact as many customers as possible to warn them that we have to be closed for a few days this week.  As many of you will know, for the last 2 years Paul has been struggling with his eyes.  His first operation went wrong in 2020 and then he had to wait for corrective surgery which happened last November.  He's been waiting for a 3rd operation on his other eye and the good news is that he is now scheduled to have the op in the next few days.

So we're having a bit of a deja vu moment!  Once again he has to be tested for Covid and then we both need to self-isolate for a few days before and after the operation.  This means that Natroma will be completely closed for the rest of this week.  We're up to date on website orders and everything was dispatched before we closed this afternoon.

During our self-isolation it won't be possible for us to visit the workshop, so this time around we have decided to close the website checkout (the delay in despatch seemed to cause a little confusion last time).  The website is still working as normal apart from the checkout.  So you can still browse and add items to your basket, but you can't pay.  The plan is that I'll reactivate the checkout on Sunday, so anyone with items in their basket can proceed with their order.  

I'll then begin processing website orders again from Tuesday 24th May and will re-open the shop at 1.30pm on Wednesday 25th May.  Website orders will be processed in the date order they arrived, with priority given to orders with upgraded postage.  

We're sorry if this temporary closure causes any inconvenience in the coming week and hope you bear with us if there are delivery delays or if customers arrive at the shop and find it's closed.  We did do everything we could to spread the word to as many people as we could!

Thanks for reading, and if you need anything urgently this week please send a message via our contact page