Natroma - Handmade Cruelty-Free Natural skincare

Natroma Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free Natural Skincare

Natroma - Handmade Cruelty-Free Natural Skincare

We're delighted to let everyone know that we've recently heard from Cruelty-Free International, and we've passed this year's Humane Cosmetics Standard Audit with flying colours!  This shows that we are continuing to make stringent checks on the cosmetic ingredients that are used in our handmade natural skincare products.

Companies that are part of the Humane Cosmetics Standard operated by Cruelty-Free International, have to demonstrate that they're checking that each and every ingredient that's used in a cosmetic product hasn't been tested on animals.  We've been part of the Standard since 2010, and are very proud that we've passed every audit that has been conducted on our products and cosmetic ingredients.  This means that our products can continue to proudly display the official Leaping Bunny logo on their packaging, and customers can be assured that our handmade natural skincare products and all of their ingredients have never been tested on animals.

Remember to look our for the Leaping Bunny logo on your cosmetics and household products, since it's the only way to be guaranteed that the product hasn't caused harm to an animal. 

Natroma is proudly opposed to any form of animal testing.