Covid-19 Update

We know that many of our customers are feeling quite anxious about the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK.  So here are some answers to the queries we're receiving:

Hand washing - soap or hand gels?

We are receiving lots of enquiries about whether we intend to produce an anti-viral hand gel.  We just wanted to confirm that we have no plans to do this. 

In our opinion the government's advice on washing with hand soap is the best option, and this is where our type of soap comes into it's own.  Traditional soap is naturally alkaline and this makes it hygienic (because the bar itself is a hostile environment for bacteria, and is why we do not need to add any preservative when it's made).  Soap molecules dispersed in water have a structure that attract oils to themselves, so during hand washing skin oils are removed (including dirt/pathogens) and rinsed away with water.  We believe that the recommended 20 seconds of thorough hand washing with bar soap is more effective than using liquid hand gels.  The medical experts are very clear in stating that hand gels are only effective when the alcohol content is high - over 60%.  At this percentage the gel tends to be quite drying on the skin, and we would not recommend prolonged use.  We think it's best to stick to the tried and tested method of using a traditional bar of soap - it works, and our soap is far kinder to the skin.

Natroma Free Soap Website Offer

We know that many customers are washing their hands more regularly, so in the coming weeks if you spend over £25 on the Natroma website we'll send you one of our older sale soaps as a free gift.  There's no need to quote a code, you just need to spend at least £25 (on products).  These older soaps do not have a great deal of fragrance, but they're perfect for hand washing.  You can then save our fragranced bars for when you bathe or shower!

Essential Oils and Covid-19

We've also been asked about which essential oils will kill the Covid-19 virus.  If only it were that simple!  Several people have told us about articles and posts they have read on social media, that claim that a mixture of essential oils either diffused or ingested will offer a cure.  Please, please do not follow any advice that suggests that swallowing essential oils is a good idea.   As we keep reminding customers, essential oils contain many powerful organic molecules and need to be treated with respect.  They should not be applied to the skin undiluted, let alone swallowed!  When ingested, essential oils can cause damage to the sensitive mucous membranes of the body and there are many recorded cases where patients have suffered organ damage and serious illness after ingesting essential oils. 

Essential oils may well contain the molecules that scientists need to tackle this outbreak, but nothing has been proven yet.  In the meantime please enjoy using your essential oils as normal but please don't be tempted to swallow them.

Visiting the Natroma Shop

The last week or so has been quieter than usual in our shop, but we are opening as normal.  We just wanted to reassure customers that we are taking steps to keep our shop counters, door handles and hard surfaces clean and you are more than welcome to wash your hands during your visit.  In the coming weeks we will be following the government advice, and will remain open when we can.  For those customers with underlying health issues who are nervous about visiting public places, we'll be happy to extend our opening hours and agree a time for you to visit our shop and collect orders.    Please ring us if this is of interest.

Natroma Holistic Therapy Appointments

For now we want to reassure our clients that we are still offering Aromatherapy and Sports/Swedish massages in our treatment room.  We are both well and will continue to offer treatments to existing clients, until the government issues further advice on self isolation in the coming weeks.  At that point we may temporarily suspend appointments.  We do not want to scare anyone, but we have a duty to not place ourselves in a situation where we could catch the virus and inadvertently pass it on to others.

For now, it's business as usual but please be aware that we will be asking more detailed health questions during consultations.  Please do not be offended if we turn away clients who may have returned from an overseas holiday, or have minor cold or possible corona virus symptoms.  If in doubt about whether to attend an appointment, please call us to discuss by phone or ring the NHS 111 helpline for further advice.