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Hand Cream
Hand Cream

Hand Cream

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Handmade Natural Aromatherapy Hand Cream with organic shea butter and aloe vera

These are lovely light hand creams which have been formulated to provide long lasting hydration, without feeling heavy or sticky when applied to the hands.  Only a small amount is needed, and this should be smoothed onto the hands, where it will sink in quickly leaving a light aromatherapy fragrance.  Our hand cream feels light and non-greasy when it's applied, but leaves the skin feeling soft and silky.


We have chosen aluminium packaging for our hand creams because it is attractive and completely recyclable.  Aluminium is light (so is better for the environment, compared to us posting out heavier glass bottles), it's strong (the bottles are more durable and will usually survive a drop on a hard floor whereas a glass bottle would shatter) and aluminium is not affected by essential oils.  Please note that each bottle contains as much cream as we can fill it with before adding the pump attachment. The cream typically weighs 95-97g - any more and the bottle will overflow when the pump is added.  Please do not purchase the refill bottle unless you have already purchased one of our pump attachment bottles - you need to have a strong pump that's the correct neck size for these bottles to dispense the cream since the bottles cannot be squeezed.  

PUMP ATTACHMENT BOTTLE - presented in a 100ml aluminium bottle with a silver metal and plastic pump attachment  The bottle will arrive with the pump head down in the locked position, so you press down slightly and twist the pump head so it can be used.  The pump head can be locked again by pushing down and twisting - so this is a nice no-leak pump design allowing you to take the bottle out with you / on holiday etc.  If you like our hand creams, please consider re-using these pumps a few times - it's so much better for the environment.  Once your hand cream bottle is empty, purchase one of our refill bottles and transfer the pump attachment. 

SCREW CAP REFILLS -  Local customers are able to return their bottle to our shop for refills.  Website  customers now have the chance to purchase a refill bottle, supplied with just a screw cap.  You simply remove the pump from your old bottle and attach it to the new bottle and begin to use your cream as usual - it's better for the environment since you'll be re-using the pump attachment again. These are lovely aluminium bottles that can be re-used once you've used up your hand cream.  Simply wash with hot soapy water (they can also be cleaned in a dishwasher), dry the inside carefully and then the bottle can be re-used and closed with the screw cap that arrived on the refill bottle.  Aluminium bottles are great to use as a blender bottle when you add essential oils into a carrier oil, or take it to a plastic-free shop so it can be used for refills.  If you decide not to re-use the bottle remember it is made of aluminium so it is completely recyclable.  Aluminium can be melted down and re-used indefinitely making it one of the most eco-friendly cosmetics packaging materials.

Our hand creams are available in the following aromatherapy fragrance varieties:

De-Stress - our chill-out blend that includes ylang ylang, frankincense and bergamot.  

Exotic Rose - a lovely rosy blend that includes geranium, palmarosa, rosewood with a hint of rose essential oils.

Happy - our ever popular blend of balancing geranium and cypress, with uplifting grapefruit.

Inspire - a clean aroma of herbaceous rosemary and lavender softened with uplifting citrus notes of neroli and mandarin with rosewood.

Patchouli - musky patchouli with a touch of sweet orange essential oil.

Relax - a lovely blend that's similar to our bath bomb blend containing lavender with balancing rosy geranium.

Uplift - a bright, citrusy blend that includes grapefruit, mandarin, rosewood and lime essential oils.  

Natroma Aromatherapy Hand Cream Ingredients:

Jojoba oil - is actually a liquid wax, that is highly penetrating since it closely resembles the natural sebum in our skin.  Ours is organic, and has the ability to naturally balance the oils in the skin.

Shea Butter - a rich, nourishing organic butter to provide lasting softness and hydration.

Coconut oil - a lovely oil that provides moisture, whilst remaining light and easily penetrating to the skin.

Aloe vera - well known for it's skin soothing properties.

D-Panthenol - with a proven track record in providing moisture and conditioning qualities in skincare products.

Glycerine - a vegetable derived version, that will retain moisture in the skin.

Squalane - we use a vegetable based version, derived from olive oil.  Squalane is moisturising and assists in the absorption of the moisturiser into the skin.

Vitamin E - to nourish, protect and soften the skin.

Calendula extract - a gentle botanical extract reputed to calm skin irritations.

Essential oil fragrances blended by our Aromatherapist

This formulation also contains an emulsifier and preservative (phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin) .

Customer Reviews (7)
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7 Reviews:

Patchouli hand cream
14 March 2022  | 

I've been using this now for about 8 weeks, and left it till now to leave a review so I could give a full opinion.
The fragrance of the hand cream is amazing, I do love patchouli. The cream is light and easily rubs into the skin, only a little is needed. My hands are fully moisturised after applying. I try and put this on every time I've had my hands in water, as I do suffer with eczema if my skin is not kept hydrated. There has been no reaction to my sensitive skin. The refillable bottle is a fabulous idea and very easy to use.
I will definitely be buying this again. It's exactly what my skin needs, is made locally to me, and lasts for such a long time.

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Thanks for the lovely feedback! :)

Lovely product
04 March 2021  | 

Beautiful scent

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Thanks for the review of our Exotic Rose handcream.

What a wonderful hand cream! 🙂
15 February 2021  | 

This hand cream is just so amazing! It smells divine and leaves my hands fully hydrated and feeling so fresh. It glides into the skin and doesn't leave a greasy residue like some brands I've used. I had previously bought the little handbag size ones but love the pump as it's fantastic value for money and handy to keep in the bathroom after washing my hands. Would definitely highly recommend this product! 🙂

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Readily absorbed and non greasy
01 May 2020  | 

This hand cream is lovely to use as it is delicately perfumed, absorbs into the skin quickly and non greasy. Plus, it comes in a number of delicious perfumes. Highly recommended.

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Best hand cream
22 April 2020  | 

This is the best hand cream that I have ever used. My hands were quite sore because of increased hand washing. The hand cream has such a soothing effect and leaves hands soft. I will certainly buy this product again. Thank you Natroma!

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Lovely moisturising handcream!
29 September 2017  | 

I bought the Frankincense and Myrrh + Uplift fragrances. They both smell lovely and leave your hands feeling soft, well moisturised and not greasy like some handcreams on the market. The product size is also perfect for your handbag too. Will definitely buy again.

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18 July 2017  | 

The rose handcream is really lovely it has a beautiful fragrance and leaves my hands really soft

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