Handmade Fused Glass Soap Dish - Square

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Handmade Fused Glass Soap Dishes

Our handmade slatted fused glass soap dishes are proving to be very popular.  They have previously been available in full sized and mini soap bar sizes, but a few customers have been asking if we'd make a new size that's large enough to take a full sized bar of soap, but a little smaller so it fits on a wash basin.  We're happy to oblige!  We make these glass soap dishes, to allow our handmade soaps to dry out between uses - so they're an attractive addition to the bathroom but are also very functional since the design of the soap dish allows the air to circulate around the soap so it dries out quickly and lasts for longer.

This new square fused glass soap dish measures approximately 8cm x 8cm and has 6 glass slats running across the surface to support the soap bar between uses.  This size will fit a fresh full sized bar of our handmade goats milk soap, or 2 mini bars.  The flat design means that the soap won't slide around or fall off the dish, and the slats will accommodate a full sized soap bar, but are close enough together to support the bar as it shrinks with use.

Approximate Size:  8cm x 8cm x 1cm tall (including rubber feet)

See the images to get an idea of the colours available, but please remember that each dish will be slightly different because it is handmade.  This means we cannot guarantee the exact colouring or patterning on each dish, so each one will be unique. These dishes are handmade so there may be slight surface variations/minor imperfections due to the way the glass melted during the fusing process. The dishes are photographed inside under artificial lights so colours may display differently on computer screens.  Colour options include:

Standard colours:

Blue - variegated patterns of pale and darker blues, sometimes with a faint white marbled/swirled effect.

Green- marbled/striped pale lime greens sometimes with white highlights and swirls.

Grey - dark charcoal grey with paler grey and white marbling/swirls.

Lavender - various pale and darker lilac colours,  with white marbled/swirled patterns.

Pink - variegated pale and darker pink sometimes with a white marbled/swirled effect

Turquoise - pale to mid turquoise with subtle marbled/swirled effect.

Unique dishes - these are numbered and you will receive the dish shown in the image.

Black & White - these are mainly black, with white swirls/marbled effects

Green & Pink - shades of pale and dark green, with white and pink/lilac stripes

Pink & Blue - pale pink/lilac and blue marbled/swirled effect

Purple/Aqua and Blue - very unusual dishes with many colours: dark purple, lilacs, blues, aqua and white marbled/swirled effects

Teal/Beige - special edition dish with teal/green and beige swirls against white - you will receive this dish.

Each soap dish is made by hand using special art glass.  We carefully cut the glass and assemble each soap dish before firing it in the kiln for approximately 17 hours.  The glass reaches around 800C while it is in the kiln which allows the glass to fuse together and become polished, before it is carefully cooled down again.  Sometimes we use a 2nd kiln firing to slump the glass into a mould to create a curved dish shape.  Every soap dish will be completely unique since we are using art glass (every sheet of glass will be different) and can never guarantee how the shape and pattern will change during the firing process.  As a courtesy we have added smaller rubber feet to the base of each dish.  This lifts up the glass by about 3mm, to ensure the dish drains freely.  Please be aware that it is very difficult to permanently stick anything to a glass surface, so over time these feet may loosen (particularly if the dish is left sitting in water).  If the feet become loose, use a glue that's suitable for glass to reapply, or they may be removed if you prefer.  We'd recommend that you periodically wipe your soap dish to remove any dried soap from the glass surface.

Our handmade fused glass soap dishes are wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrap.  There is the option to upgrade the packaging to a gift box (cardboard with a lift off lid, wrapped with paper raffia) and we'll include a free mini soap.

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2 Reviews:

Lovely soap dish
10 November 2021  | 

This soap dish is exactly what I have been looking for. It was well packaged and arrived safely. I found that the little plastic feet slipped on the rounded edge of my wash basin and I was worried that the soap dish might fall in and break, so I removed the plastic feet and it is now very stable. Water still drains away and the soap is able to dry between uses. Very happy! Thank you.

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Lovely soap dish
10 July 2020  | 

I ordered this as a treat for me the glass dish is lovely

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