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Gemstone Chip Bracelet

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Beautiful gemstone chip bracelets, threaded onto elasticated cord so they fit most wrist sizes.  These are comfortable to wear since the elastic isn't too tight and seems to fit a variety of wrist sizes.  Please note that the image for each gemstone is generic, so there will be slight variances between bracelets since they have been handmade and different gemstone chips will vary in colour and size.  These are natural gemstone chips so will have colour variations and inclusions.  Each bracelet will be wrapped in tissue paper, with the option of purchasing in a small organza gift bag if preferred.  Some bracelets will arrive with a paper tag identifying the gemstone (this can be clipped off). 

Gemstone jewellery is often worn due to the properties associated with each crystal.  We have included some information about some of the gemstones, but make no claims about the benefits of wearing each bracelet.

Amber - ours is genuine Baltic amber chips in the deeper red/orange colours.

Amethyst - ours contains higher grade pretty lilac/dark purple chips that are associated with harmony and calm.  It is often used during meditation, to calm the mind and balance out highs and lows to encourage tranquility.

Aqua Marine - beautiful pale green/blue chips, and you can see why this gemstone is often associated with the sea.  It is reputed to be a protective stone (it was carried by sailors to keep them safe), bringing peace, serenity, courage and clear communication.  Aqua marine is associated with successful marriage since it symbolises faithfulness.

Carnelian - a red/orange stone associated with high energy, success and protection.

Chakra - this is a beautiful combination of the gemstones associated with the chakras.  There will be various chips on each bracelet symbolising:  amethyst (crown), iolite (third eye), aquamarine (throat), peridot (heart), citrine (solar plexus), carnelian (sacral) and garnet (base).

Fluorite - this gemstone comes in a variety of colours ranging from purple to lilac, green and blue.  So the chips on these bracelets are a mixture of the colours, with the majority being pale green.  Fluorite is associated with intuition, confidence and protection.

Hematite - ours are rounded polished chips, with a shiny finish - balancing and grounding to encourage feelings of calm.

Labradorite - our bracelets contain fine quality chips with beautiful flashes of green, aqua and blue against the grey/tan base colour.

Mookaite - this is Australian jasper and comes in a variety of colours from mustard yellow, through to browns and plum/lilac colours.  Associated with energy and well-being.

Moonstone - we only have a few of these, and they're in soft pink/peachy colours.  Moonstone is often associated with feminity and fertility and is reputed to enhance intuition bringing success in both love and business matters.  It is considered to be a good luck stone, and is said to bring good fortune and protection whilst travelling.

Opalite - this is a pretty man-made stone that looks white to translucent with a hint of blue.  despite it being man made, it is associated with calming energy and aiding communication.

Quartz - a powerful energy crystal said to be a stone of clarity and joy, bringing positivity and harmony.

Red Jasper - a lovely red/orange coloured stone that's associated with having high energy and protection.

Rose Quartz - a pretty pale pink stone that's associated with love and friendship.  It has a reputation for being a calming and reassuring stone, reassuring in a crisis and worn to attract and retain romance.  Rose quartz is used extensively in crystal healing to release emotional issues and grief, since it is reputed to gently draw off negativity and encourage harmony and empathy with others.

Sodalite - a calming blue, white, grey stone that has a soft calming energy that's associated with coping with stress.

Strawberry Quartz - a pale pink/white crystal with a gentle positive energy that's associated with inner strength.

Tigers Eye - a lovely brown stone that has flashes of gold running through it as it catches the light.  Is considered and energy stone that's often carried for protection.

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