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Natroma advise customers to research each essential oil, before attempting to use on the skin (diluted in a suitable carrier).  Typically our essential oils are supplied in 10ml sizes, but smaller sizes are offered for the more expensive essential oils and absolutes.  The following information is about traditional use of each essential oil and is for guidance only, and makes no medical recommendations:

* Important please read contra-indication advice before ordering these aromatherapy grade essential oils.

Amyris - Sandalwood West Indian amyris balsamifera - 10ml

Not to be confused with true Sandalwood (santalum album), this is nevertheless a lovely smelling oil, that closely mimics the rich woody notes of the far more expensive oil.  It is said to be calming and sedative, offering support during times of stress.  This oil is very thick, so the bottle has a large dropper attachment, but it may need to be removed from the bottle to decant your drops.  Amyris offers an affordable way to enjoy a rich woody aroma in an aromatherapy blend. 

Basil Sweet ocimum basilicum * - 10ml

A strong essential oil, that has antibacterial and antiviral properties.  It has a bright, herby uplifting aroma and is said to aid concentration.  Sweet basil should be avoided during pregnancy, and by sufferers of high blood pressure or epilepsy.  This is an oil that needs to be used with knowledge so tends to only be used by Aromatherapists since it can cause dermal irritation.  We'd suggest vaporisation in an oil burner is the safest for home use.

Bergamot FCF citrus bergamia - 10ml

A cooling and refreshing oil traditionally used in skincare and for digestive issues.  This is the FCF version of the oil (the phototoxic bergaptene has been removed so there's no danger of the usual phototoxicity associated with bergamot).  Also reputed to be a relaxing essential oil, so is used to cope with times of stress.

Black Pepper piper nigrum - 10ml

Has a woody, spicy aroma that is useful when a warming effect is needed.  Is often used during aromatherapy massages to support muscular aches and digestive issues.  We'd suggest only using a couple of drops in an aromatherapy blend to keep the concentration low.

Black Spruce picea mariana * - 10ml

Has a softer uplifting aroma than some of the other evergreen essential oils.  Has antibacterial properties so is used as a respiratory oil, clearing  airways with it's clean balsamic aroma.  Also used in massage, supporting muscular aches.  This is a strong oil, so use with caution on sensitive skin and is best avoided during pregnancy.

Caraway carvum carvi - 10ml

Caraway has a soft slightly sweet, spicy aroma.  It is a soothing and uplifting essential oil, and is used in aromatherapy for emotional issues.  It is also reputed to gently support the digestive system, and is sometimes used in skincare and for scalp conditions.

Cedarwood cedrus atlantica * - 10ml

Has a sweet, woody aroma that is said to be sedative.  Is astringent, so can be found in skincare blends where it suits oily skins.  Avoid during pregnancy.

Chamomile Roman anthemis nobilis - available in 2ml and 5ml sizes

Has a sweet, herby aroma (which sometimes isn't liked by everyone) and is said to have calming, anti-inflammatory properties.  Is often used in skincare since it can support eczema and troubled skin conditions.  Is also helpful in calming feelings of stress and in the management of headaches.  This is a more expensive oil so please select your bottle size from the drop down list.

Cinnamon cinnamomum zeylanicum * - 10ml

This is a powerful essential oil that tends to be used for aromatherapy and foot massage when there are digestive issues.  It's another oil that we'd recommend for use by Aromatherapists since there is a risk of dermal irritation.  Best avoided with liver or kidney disease or when taking anticoagulants.   Due to the strength of this oil, we'd recommend using cinnamon essential oil for home fragrancing only.

Citronella cymbopogon nardus * - 10ml

Has a strong lemony smell that is commonly used as an insect repellant, so is useful for coping with moths, ants, flies, fleas etc.  Not recommended for skin application.

Clary Sage sativa sclarea * - 10ml

Clary sage has a strong, pervasive aroma which can easily overwhelm a blend.  It has calming, hormonally balancing properties so is often used by Aromatherapists in blend for period pains, PMT and menopausal symptoms.  It is contraindicated throughout pregnancy but is used in the last few days before birth, since calming, sedative qualities are reputed to help manage labour pains.  We'd advise that pregnant ladies seek advice from their midwife or doctor before purchasing clary sage for use in the delivery room.

Clove Bud eugenia caryophyllus * - 10ml

This is another strong essential oil that is used in aromatherapy massages for aches and pains. The traditional use of clove oil was to deaden the pain of tooth ache.   We would not recommend that clove oil is applied neat since it can cause a permanent loss of sensation when applied to the delicate tissues inside the mouth.  Best avoided with liver or kidney disease or when taking anticoagulants. For this reason, we'd recommend that clove essential oil is best used for home fragrancing.

Coriander Seed coriandrum sativum - 10ml

A lovely oil with a slightly sweet, mild aniseed-like aroma traditionally used for digestive issues.  It's light uplifting aroma is also supportive in times of stress, and it's warming properties also support muscular aches.

Cypress cupressus semperivens - 10ml

Cypress is a lovely essential oil with a clean, slightly woody aroma.  It is often used in massages to support the veins, so could be added to an aromatherapy blend for use on tired legs at the end of the day.  It is traditionally associated with aromatherapy treatments for coping with tiredness and bereavement.   

Additional Details

We offer pure aromatherapy grade essential oils, which are suitable for creating home massage blends (they must be diluted in a suitable carrier oil), in the bath (again diluted in a carrier oil before adding to the water) or for vaporisation in an oil burner or for adding to our fragrant decorations.  Our standard essential oils are supplied in generous 10ml sized amber glass bottles to extend their shelf life, fitted with a dropper attachment.  Absolutes and more expensive essential oils are available in 2ml and 5ml sizes.  Our prices reflect the varying costs associated with producing different types of essential oil.

Each bottle is supplied with a leaflet which gives important safety information including recommended dilutions and contra-indications for each oil. 

We do not recommend that essential oils are applied neat to the skin (except for a couple of oils in emergency situations), and bottles should be stored cool, dark and away from children or animals.  Never ingest essential oils - this is dangerous and can cause long term harm / poisoning.  Dispose of old and unused essential oils carefully (never pour down the sink), since when fully concentrated most are hazardous to the environment.

Remember that essential oils are volatile and some can be highly flammable (some have a low flash point), so do not leave items that have essential oils dripped on them near to ignition sources or in direct sunlight.   Do not drip essential oils onto fabric, since it can create a fire hazard if fabrics are not thoroughly cleaned at 60C in a washing machine.  Do not tumble dry fabrics with essential oils since there have been instances of house fires being caused by essential oils igniting inside the tumble drier when it reaches high drying temperatures. 

Neat essential oils are extremely concentrated, so wipe away any spillages immediately since they may damage polished and natural surfaces.  Always wash your hands after handling essential oils.

Take extra care when selecting and using essential oils during pregnancy, and where there are pre-existing health conditions.  In these cases please seek advice before use and using in a lower dilution (i.e. fewer drops in the treatment.)

Please note that citrus essential oils oxidise quickly, so have a shorter shelf life than other essential oils.  Older citrus oils will still be fine to use in oil burners, but caution should be exercised with skin application.

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3 Reviews:

Citronella essential oils
13 July 2020  | 

I always find that Natroma essential oils are the best I can buy and so well priced. As a Holistic Therapist I recommend all the essential oils from Natroma. I use citronella in my garden and in my diffuser inside when there are gnats around as it keeps them away! Thankyou
Paul and Sarah for deliverI got my order.

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Essential Oil Range
11 May 2020  | 

I now have nearly a full collection of Natroma's essential oils and have been impressed with each and every one - all good value and quality, exceeding that of well-known high street competitors, naming no names! Sarah and Paul provide excellent products and also brilliant customer service - friendly and helpful, always taking the time to give genuine advice and recommendations without ever pushing for a sale (unlike some high street competitors, again!). They have worked hard at adapting to the new, severe restraints on their business thanks to COVID 19, and hopefully it's working for them and their customers - it certainly is for me although I miss their lovely little shop at Ruskin Glasshouse. They deserve to survive and succeed and I really hope they do.

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Thank you for such a lovely review! As an IFPA qualified Clinical Aromatherapist, I am very picky about the essential oils that we use and purchase from ATC approved producers. We purchase our oils on a wholesale basis (the vast majority are used for product manufacture) and we have decided to keep the prices on individual bottles reasonable so that more people can enjoy aromatherapy. We are so pleased that you're enjoying the oils you buy from us, and we really enjoy our chats with you in the shop!

Essential Oils
15 April 2020  | 

An excellent range of essential oils to choose from. I have been trying various mixes in my diffuser including oils with antibacterial and antiseptic qualities along with more fragrant oils to help clear the air and keep me de-stressed.

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