Natural Konjac Facial Sponge


We are now stocking natural konjac sponges.

These are a 100% natural sponge that's made from the vegetable fibres of the konjac plant, it's a plant that's native to Asia known as the konjac potato (Konnyaku).  The konjac plant is sustainably grown and biodegradable.

These natural konjac sponges have a soft texture, and have been used in Japan for centuries as the first bath sponge for new born babies since the natural fibres have such a soft texture.  This has led to the use of konjac sponge in southeast Asia as a facial cleansing and bath sponge.

When you receive your sponge, it will be packaged in a re-sealable plastic pouch.  This is to keep it clean before sale and to serve as a storage pouch if you only use it occasionally.  The sponge has a thin cotton hanging loop attached, so it can be hung up to dry between uses.  You will find that the sponge feels very hard when it arrives, so the first thing you'll need to do is soak it in water.  The konjac fibre has the ability to hold lots of water, so leave it for several minutes in a bowl of water and the sponge will increase in size slightly as it absorbs the water.  Then give it a very gentle squeeze between the palms of your hands and it's ready to use.

When the konjac sponge is saturated with water its outer surface is covered by a thin layer of water. This allows the sponge to glide over the skin, so it will not scratch or damage the skin.  Konjac sponges can used without any skincare products to lightly exfoliate the skin and remove surface impurities.  They can be a good choice for people who have very sensitive skin, but we like to use them for gentle exfoliation as part of a weekly facial.   They are less abrasive than a muslin cloth or flannel, but leave the skin feeling refreshed and gently exfoliated since they will sweep away any dead skin cells.  We've found they can be used to remove water soluble make up, but can be stained by mascara and oil based make up.

After use, rinse with clean water and squeeze gently between the palms to remove excess water.  You can then hang the sponge up somewhere warm to dry (but do not leave on a radiator).  Remember to never wring out this type of sponge since they are more fragile than a traditional sea sponge.  Wringing the sponge will tear the konjac fibres, reducing the number of uses since the the sponge will lose it's shape and slowly breaks up.  Try to allow your sponge to dry out between uses, otherwise a sponge that's allowed to remain damp, could harbour mould and bacteria.

Konjac sponges begin to naturally break down after a few weeks of regular use so they should be replaced every 4-6 weeks.  They will last longer if they're used just for facials, but they need to be carefully squeezed and dried out between uses.  They are completely biodegradable so once the fibre begins to break down, simply place your old konjac sponge in the compost bin.

Available in a natural cream or pink colour.  Each sponge measures approximately 7cm diameter when wet.


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