Monoi de Tahiti

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Magnificent Monoi de Tahiti 

Monoi de Tahiti is one of our favourite oils, because it is so versatile!  During the summer months, use Monoi on the face, hair and body.  It will calm down frizzy locks (just add a small amount the finger tips and stroke through the hair) and adds a softness to the hair strands when used as a conditioning hot oil hair treatment before shampooing - perfect for when your hair is feeling dry after a little too much sun!  Monoi de Tahiti is also fantastic as a light moisturising oil since it absorbs easily into the skin and doesn't feel greasy afterwards.  We'd advise using Monoi during the summer months to to keep the skin supple and moisturised.  Monoi doesn't have a built in SPF but it can really help with maintaining skin hydration, leaving the skin feeling silky rather than oily.  We always recommend Monoi as one the best botanical oils for the legs - simply apply a small amount straight after leaving the shower and you'll have silky skin all day.

Monoi is a fabulous oil since it has a gentle floral aroma like gardenia flowers.  It is made by macerating fresh Tiare flowers in pure coconut oil, and can only be produced in French Polynesia.  The oil is left to naturally infuse, and is then filtered before being packaged.  We'd stress that we supply a completely natural Monoi oil, so the aroma is a delicate floral.  This is because our Monoi has not been "enhanced" with synthetic fragrance oils.  We'd rather stock a completely natural Monoi oil, since it's more suited to people with sensitive skin.

Monoi - a natural body and facial oil

When applied to the skin, natural Monoi it has a distinctive non-greasy feel making it perfect for use as a natural facial moisturiser, since it can be applied under make-up. Monoi is an extremely versatile oil and can be used as a facial oil, a body massage oil and hair treatment oil.  it is a lovely oil to use as a body massage oil and it's great to use as a non-greasy oil for the arms and legs.  Many customers use it to massage dry shins since it moisturises the skin and leaves a silky sheen rather than an oily feeling on the skin.  Natural (non-enhanced) Monoi is suitable for all skin types, and tests have proven it to be hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.  Purchase the rollerball bottle for application to the face - simply glide the roller over the skin and it will apply on the lightest amount of oil.

Monoi - a natural hair treatment oil

Monoi is fabulous to use on the hair.  Simply melt a little oil and use the fingertips to run the oil through the hair stands.  It can be added quite thickly as a hot oil hair treatment - so you'd apply sufficient oil to make the hair strands feel quite oily.  Wrap the hair in a towel for 15-30 minutes to allow the Monoi to penetrate the hair, then shampoo and style as normal.  You'll find the Monoi will leave your hair feeling softer with a subtle floral aroma.  Alternatively, use just a small amount of Monoi on the dry ends of hair - it's great for taming curly/frizzy bad hair days!

Monoi - natural bathing oil

When used as a bathing oil, you only need a little.  We'd suggest that you shower before bathing using our soap to gently cleanse the skin.  Then draw your bath and add a small amount of Monoi (just a capful is enough) to the comfortably hot water.  Your bath will smell lovely with a subtle floral aroma and you can rest back and enjoy a relaxing soak.  When you leave the bath, gently pat your skin dry since the Monoi will thinly coat the skin and will sink in to give softness and lasting hydration.  Remember to take care, since the Monoi could coat the bath surface (it depends how much you add to the water) so could make it feel slippery.

Choose from a handy 10ml amber glass rollerball bottle, a 40ml or 110ml aluminium bottle. 

We'd suggest that the rollerball is used to apply the Monoi to small areas such as during facial massage, and the larger 40ml and 100ml aluminium bottles sizes are great for using for body massage, as a luxurious bathing oil or hot oil hair treatments.

Monoi is naturally a solid oil below 20 degrees C, so it's a liquid during hot weather but solidifies when it's colder.  To melt the Monoi simply place the bottle in hot water for a few moments to help the Monoi flow into the rollerball or pour from the larger bottles.  Important - never heat Monoi in the microwave.

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7 Reviews:

Thank you
14 February 2024  | 

This oil really works well to smooth hair, a natural product, easy to use, and no fuss, Thank you for this.

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We agree, Monoi is fabulous!

19 September 2022  | 

Such a wonderful smelling oil really moisturising i will definitely be ordering again. Wonderful service and products come in lovely packaging. I would also like to thank Sarah for the lovely free gift it was beautiful and i highly recommended natroma. 😊❤️

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Perfect for hair
19 July 2022  | 

Had really dry hair so was advised to use the monoi like a pre-shampoo treatment. Applied to dry hair left for half an hour then washed hair as usual. It worked! Hair is now feeling soft and managable again so would recommend.

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Love it
01 March 2021  | 

Wasn't sure about using this but decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did. Love that it can be used so many ways on the face hair and in the bath. Can't fault it and will get the bigger bottle next time!

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Amazing little bottle of goodness
09 August 2020  | 

This little bottle of Monoi de Tahiti oil is amazing! Comes in a solid form which turns into liquid oil when the bottle is put into hot water. Glides onto skin and does not leave it greasy like some body oils. Absolutely gorgeous smell that lingers for hours and leaves very dry skin lovely and silky smooth. If you haven't tried it yet I couldn't recommend it highly enough 😍❤

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Great for face and my hair
21 August 2018  | 

Thanks for having real monoi! I love using this in my hair like a hot oil after washing leaves it feeling soft with a delicate smell. On the face it sinks in fast and doesn't feel oily.

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Hoped for more scent
14 October 2017  | 

Only a very subtle smell, hoped for more

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Thank you for your review. Our Monoi de Tahiti is completely natural so the aroma is a subtle floral, and comes from fresh tiare flowers that have infused pure coconut oil. Stronger scented Monoi's are available but we choose not to stock these, since they're usually described as "enhanced" and contain a synthetic fragrance oil to boost the aroma. So if you're looking for a strongly scented Monoi oil just be aware that it won't be completely natural. Hope this helps.

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